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Advanced Technology

The most common MRI marketing strategy seems to be focused on an organization's advanced technology, and the precise diagnostics that come with it.

High Comfort

As MRIs become more technologically advanced, they are also becoming more comfortable for patients, which many health systems highlight.

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Will schedule your exam at your Nearest Location center in Houston. It will save your time and transportation money.

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MRI Scan

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. This scanning technology allows doctors to see inside your body without the need for an x-ray. This is important because while x-ray machines expose you to radiation, an MRI is completely safe and requires no radiation to provide clear, high definition images. An MRI scan is also pain free. Our MRI Pricing is $3,600.

Digital X-Ray

Radiation is used to make an X-Ray picture. We use the minimum amount of radiation needed to make your X-Ray picture. We believe that in almost all cases, the medical benefits of an X-Ray far outweigh the very small radiation risk. We monitor all requests for X-Ray to be sure all our patients get the most accurate diagnosis with the least possible radiation exposure. Our X-RAY Pricing is $300.

Computed Tomography (CT)

A CT or computed tomography scan is made up of a series of x-rays. The images from these x-rays are processed by the scanner’s computer in order to create what is known as cross-sectional images. These cross-sectional images provide doctors with the ability to see inside of a patient’s body without having to perform surgery. Our CT Pricing is $3,000.